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Band Of Skulls - I Feel Like Ten Men, Nine Dead And One Dying

Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol - Hauntings

Built as a home in 1760 by local merchant William Reeve, the seventy three bed-roomed Arnos Manor Hotel has a reputation of being haunted. The Arnos Manor has its own Chapel in which Nuns would ran a girls school. One of the reported ghost stories involves a nun who is suspected to have fallen pregnant. She reputedly committed suicide and was bricked up in a wall. Work was carried out on the building during World War II, possibly in response to the bomb damage it suffered during a German air raid. The workmen discovered the skeleton and apparently, just hid it somewhere else. Her ghost is said to haunt Room 160 and her apparition was apparently seen several times in 1977.

Reported phenomena includes the hearing of a woman’s voice, apparitions rising as if climbing stairs which don’t exist, guests being pinned down and feeling pressure on their chests as they lie in bed. There maybe some slight poltergeist activity with reports of baths filling themselves and toiletries being thrown around.

There have been claims that the hotel boasts twenty ghosts.

Mono Lake Inferno by Jeff Bryce

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Hauntings of Dacre Castle, Cumbria, UK

Ghosts reported to have been seen and heard here are 3 figures who return once in a while, re-enacting a scene that happened in the dark ages when they first met to discuss the Norse threat. Another phantom reported here is Lady Dacre - she was walled up alive with her dead lover after her husband discovered her illicit affair. Her phantom sobs and screams can now be heard.

Hauntings of the Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Cornwall

A sailor who was murdered nearby reportedly returns to the public house to finish his last drink; he has been seen sitting on the wall outside the building. There have also been reports of a ghostly floating cloak, while outside there was a report of a phantom man hanging by his neck from a nearby tree.